Friday, October 7, 2011

Day 280

Friday once again!
Nothing but weekend ahead
Friday, you're my friend :)


  1. I scrolled down and read a few of these fantastic haiku. You have a wonderful and fertile mind. You are right, walk instead of drive and you'll see the wonders of the natural erath. I hope the birdtday party was fun. Congratulations to the birthday girl, (I'm guessing it was a girl and wondering if it was you). I don't work for wages any longer, but I too like Fridays. Now, if I am way off base with any of my gibberish, please forgive me.


  2. I love Fridays and weekends too!! A brief break from the routine!!

  3. dear firefly,
    i share your jOy! it was a challenging week. friday is a gateway to peace!