Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 153

like a parade crowd
sun and storm clouds witness our
peace and safety march


  1. may we all walk in peace everywhere...
    every step.

    i love seeing you here in the morning so full of promise!

  2. walk on, in peace, every step of our way, together

  3. Peace and love! And a big extra hug!

  4. I like the image your haiku made in my mind.

  5. Hi Gloria~
    I like the image of the sun and storm clouds being the audience for a peace and safety march. I'm sure they are true supporters.

  6. This one's interesting -- but I think I like yesterday's better.

  7. I like this a lot! I love the idea that nature is a witness to our striving for peace and justice in the world. I think that all our actions affect the natural world and each other.

  8. My purse,ID, phone etc.(hidden in my office in a drawer)was stolen last week, the day after the march, my rear license plate was gone. No doubt the same 'network' that's dominated the area recently...I'm not happy about that. It's scary. On the other hand, the determination I saw in the faces of those who attended the new neighborhood watch meeting and march, those who were back at my office the next morning, planning the next steps to take back their sense of safety gave me the energy to shake the shock off and say,"Oh WELL! Where were we? My momma and daddy didn't raise any cry-babies..."
    Thanks for your encouragement, my haiku pals!