Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 125

Approaching solstice
Subtle shifts of golden light
I lose my way home


  1. What has happen to Haiku My heart. You can hardly see it Let alone post on it.


  2. Tech difficulty getting sorted (I think) at haiku my heart
    Also mr linky is fussy today - try re-entering your name in the linky register area. Boonie and me got on to post but it took a minute

  3. This is cool! I feel losing my way in the change of light. I watch the sun rise most every day and it moves across the sky. This time of year, it comes up earlier and stays out to play later and moves North. I want to lose my way onmy motorcycle for a stretch of time.
    I also like the one below. In the many jobs I have had, I've made many a 'big rig run'. Always a pleasure here.
    Now, go to Rebecca's blog and fix your Mr. Linky. You forgot to put the .blogspot on the URL. I found you by being Sherlock Holmes.


  4. Knowing what I did,
    I asked the stone to help me
    find the proper way.

  5. Your haiku are getting more and more exquisite. You have undertaken an enormous mission, and it has flung you back heartily into the art stream! Brava! I can see how one would lose one's way if the light shifted differently--is it the approaching solstice of summer in June? Love ☺

  6. But in losing one's way in gentle shifts of light, one might find just what one was searching for in a gentle shadow. Changes in seasons leave us off balance but eventually we find our center again. Beautiful haiku.

  7. dear firefly,

    both the changing golden light
    and your honoring of such subtle, dazzling, beauty.